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Yellowstone Country Assistance Network

wyoming-driveThe Purpose of our Agency is:

To write grants; receive money from Federal, States, Counties, Cities and from private and public non-profits and donations from individuals and businesses for funding opportunities to help low-income people become more self-sufficient, provide low-income people with a stake in their community; achieve partnerships among supporters and providers of services to low-income people; increase the capacity of agencies to achieve results; and strengthen family and other supportive systems to help low-income people achieve their potential.

To make resources available and information along with providing funding from grants received from Federal, States, Counties, Cities and private and public non-profits to non-profit organizations, faith based organizations, and social service agencies that provide programs for the low to very low-income (children, adults, seniors, and the physically and mentally disabled).

To write grants and receive money for programs, workshops and training that this organization runs or co-sponsors with other organizations for organizational development, board and staff training in the understanding and development of running an organization and programs for people of low to very low-income (children, adults, seniors and physically and mentally disabled).

The Yellowstone Country Assistance Network also serves as the county administrator for the Community Services Block Grant funds allocated to Park County Wyoming.

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