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We strive be an online clearinghouse on available resources and provide linkages and information for those living in poverty. YCAN contributes

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Our Programs & Services We are the eligible entity in Park County Wyoming and have administered the CSBG grant in

Community Needs Assessments

One of the community services we provide free of charge is a community needs assessment conducted every three (3) years


We develop and deliver the programs and services that can meet the needs of hard-working low-income families in the Big Horn Basin. We resolve to inspire and empower each person to take action, identify difficulties, create solutions, and generate outcomes in the war on poverty, through engaging economically disadvantaged community members.

Our Board Directors constantly take their lead from the expressed requests of their low-income constituents throughout the service area, the neighborhoods they live, in and the communities they represent.  Our programs and services are adaptive to our communities needs.

Our Programs & Services

Park County Self-Sufficiency Assistance Program 

Community Needs Assessments 

Online Community Resources 


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