We are a 501 (c) 3 founded in 2007, Yellowstone Country Assistance Network drives change with proven solutions to remove obstacles, and advance those living in poverty into economic independence—because progress for the community is progress for everyone.

Our Mission: To empower people living in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming to enhance health and employment status, overcome obstacles, and end economic hardship.

Our Vision:  We envision communities in the Big Horn Basin which the most vulnerable people will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty and create vital, healthy lives for their families and communities now and in the future.

Our Values: Connect, Engage, Inspire, Impact

Our Reach

Our programs and services are developed with the input of the low-income residents of our service area. Programs and services must enhance health and employment status, overcome obstacles, and end economic hardship for the most vulnerable of the 5,000 residents of the Big Horn Basin who are currently living at 100% of the federal poverty level or below. Our service area spans over 14,000 square miles. Online self-help services are the most used by low-income residents.

Community Partners

Our community partners provide low-income individuals with essential social services like counseling, a social worker, or case manager to create a plan to transition the family out of poverty. We work in coordination with these organizations to provide ongoing essential services supporting multiple domains to remove financial obstacles to aching economic independence.

Professional Affiliations


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