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We are increasing our community partners’ capacity, who are working directly with the low income to overcome barriers. YCAN will coordinate financial assistance (bundled services supporting multiple domains) directly with Park County Drug Court case manager & Heritage Health Center LCSW’s to meet the immediate-short and long-term needs of their clients in poverty.

Park County Help

Park County Recovery Care Coordination Program

Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program combines substance abuse treatment with immediate consequences for violations and instills life skills that many defendants lack. Participants are required to attend numerous counseling sessions and to become productive members of the community by maintaining full-time employment or enrolling in school full time. Participants are to be current on all financial obligations and remain clean and sober. The program lasts a minimum of one year and is a demanding substance abuse treatment regimen that takes a whole-life approach to treatment.

In CSBG FFY2018, Yellowstone Country Assistance Network of Park County, Wyoming and Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program partnered to create a Park County Recovery Care Coordination Program.  The partnership program supports low-income clients facing obstacles to successful reentry, overcoming substance abuse dependences, and self-sufficiency.  The Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program did not have funding to deliver the essential services offered by CSBG in the means of financial assistance.   Assistance has proven to help clients to overcome the obstacles to successful reentry.   Rapid rehousing for homeless client’s emergence from jail or inpatient treatment is at the forefront of this partnership.  The clients who had nowhere to go frequently ended up on the couch of another user and began using again themselves. Clients assisted with CSBG funds receive temporary and transitional housing, such as motel assistance, as Park County does not have a shelter. Once a client secures employment, they may be assisted with CSBG. funds for first-month rent and deposits to obtain safe and affordable housing.  Clients in this program have many unmet needs requiring bundled services supporting multiple domains.  Services provided by Yellowstone Country Assistance Network of Park County, Wyoming range from clothing for work, food, transportation, hygiene supplies, a phone card to get calls for employment, help to obtain identification for a job, vehicle repairs, and many other services to meet their needs.  All of these services support the clients’ compliance to remain in the Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program and overcome the barriers they face.  The goal is for clients to gain or stay employed, discontinue drug/alcohol use, graduate the program, and transition out of poverty.

The Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program employs a Case Manager who works directly with clients to address their immediate needs and obtain employment, housing, transportation, and other necessities. Their Case Manager works with our Organization and completes eligibility applications and assists clients with the required documentation.  All CSBG services are coordinated directly with the Park County Court Supervised Treatment  Case Manager, their client, and the Yellowstone Country Assistance Network. Client survey data over multiple years shows clients prefer having one case manager at one agency, the partnership reduces the burden of navigating a web of human service agencies.  The Park County Court Supervised Treatment Program case manager also reports outcomes directly to Yellowstone Country Assistance Network for the Organization’s Organization’s outcome tracking system in CAP60.

Park County Health Care Coordination Program

Heritage Health Center (H.H.C.) is a non-profit, federally-qualified community health center (F.Q.H.C.) providing bundled primary care, health, social, and behavioral programs, and services to persons living in the Big Horn Basin. Their Licensed Clinical Social Workers work with patients of the clinic to ensure their needs are being met, leading to better health outcomes in the Big Horn Basin.   Yellowstone Country Assistance Network of Park County, Wyoming, coordinates with the clinics Licensed Clinical Social Workers to provide bundled CSBG financial assistance services supporting multiple domains.  Their Licensed Clinical Social Workers help their client’s complete eligibility applications and assists clients with the required documentation to submit to our office.  Yellowstone Country Assistance Network where services become coordinated between the organizations and clients.  Low-income clients might need urgent financial support to achieve stability and longer-term services to influence their health targets and become economically secure.

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