Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The YCAN Tripartite Board is seeking candidates to run for the election to the Board, as a representative of low-income individuals and families in Washakie, and Hot Springs Counties and Private Sector officials or member of business, industry, labor, religious, welfare, non-profit organizations, education, law enforcement, heath care, and/or other major groups of interest public or private in the communities served will make up the balance of the Board of Directors.

State of Wyoming CSBG Policy 2 Board Size and Composition 4.24.18 (2)

  • The Federal CSBG Act has no requirement and no requirement exists that reps be low-income themselves. However, it’s important to have as many low-income individuals as possible serve in some capacity even if on an advisory council since the intent is to represent the voice of the low-income people served as they likely know best their needs.
  • All Board Positions are volunteer unpaid appointments, Board members may NOT be recipients of any grant contracts or assistance form our organization or our subcontracts for 2 years prior to running for election and may not receive funding from these sources 1 year after leaving the board to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Requirements for candidacy include:

  1. Must reside in Park, Hot Springs, Big Horn, and/or Washakie County
  2. Must be able to represent the low-income population of the county the run to represent; To run as Low-Income Individual must be at or below the CSBG federal poverty level, if not low-income Individual must be able to represent low-income families and individuals. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Must be able to participate actively in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs serving the low-income community.
  4. The following constitute a conflict of interest and are ineligible to become a Board Member:
  • Current employees or board members of a human service agency that acts as a CSBG sub-contractor.  Relative (immediate family, i.e., parents, children, grandparents, in-laws) of an employee, board member, or client receiving funds provided by the Corporation within two years of a human service provider agency that act as a CSBG sub-contractor.
  • Board Members must complete a  CAA Code of Conduct and will compete a Confidentiality agreement and are required to follow our Privacy Policy.

Current Board Vacancies 

  1. Hot Springs County (1) seat for or low-income representatives or private sector
  2. Washakie County (1) seat for low-income representatives or private sector
  3. Vote for you Big Horn County Board Representative December 3,2018 – December 6, 2018

  4. Park County no vacancies exist at this time

To request an application please contact our office at 833-444-9923.Qualification and Selection Policies and Procedures must be received by November 30, 2018 at YCAN Attn.: Nominations Committee PO Box 600 Basin, Wyoming 82410.  Elections for democratically selected positions will be held the week of December 3-6, 2018.


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