Board of Directors

Board of Directors

About The Board

For CSBG and related programs to succeed, the entire community must be involved. The entire community also must be represented on the agency board by the three sectors: (1) public elected officials because they formally represent both the public and the local government; (2) the poor because they know the problems of poverty; and (3) the balance of the community because the agency cannot succeed without support and participation of the other service agencies, private employers, churches, unions, law-enforcement, etc.

The board will strive for maximum feasible participation by the low-income consumers in the counties served by YCAN in Wyoming.  All Board meetings are open to public input, meeting schedules are listed on our website, along with a public meeting guideline sheet.  Our board members are are also members of multiple community coalitions in the Big Horn Basin.

All Board meetings are open to public and held in our Greybull, Wyoming Community Resources Center and via web/phone conferencing.

Public Meetings & Hearings

August 15, 2019  12:00pm 
Annual Meeting October 10, 2019  Time TBA