Community Assistance


Bundled Services (Health, Housing, Employment, Education, Services Supporting Multiple Domains)

in Park, Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Washakie Counties

Income Guidelines & Application

Yellowstone Country Assistance Network is a one-stop-shop providing bundled self-sufficiency programs and services. We assist individuals and families who are working and live just below the poverty level, are living one or two lost paychecks away from the kind of financial crisis. 

We are currently serving eligible families in Big Horn, Park, Hot Springs, and Washakie counties, of one year or longer in Wyoming. The purpose of our services is to promote economic stability and transition out of poverty. Therefore, services are available one time per year, no more than two times in five years.

Services are provided on a first-come, first, serve basis. Please understand the community assistance program is not an emergency assistance program. The application process and processing time may take up to 10 days for payment to be received once issued, our payment process does not allow for same-day requests. Please don’t put us in the position of calling or applying the day a bill is due, as we will not be able to accommodate the request. Please don’t request services. If you know you are not eligible or have used the program two times in the last five years, we will not be able to accommodate you.