Utility Assistance Programs in Wyoming

Utility Assistance Programs in Wyoming

Adequate home heating is a necessity of life.  If you can’t heat your home properly, you may put your family at risk for health and safety problems.  The elderly, disabled, and young children often feel a bigger impact from even small changes to indoor temperature.

Making Payments
Customers who can only in installments, are protected from shutoffs. Utilities can ask customers to apply for programs including LIEAP, the state’s home heating help program. Utilities also can call LIEAP to find out if there’s an application on file.

Getting Help with Heat
If all Energy Share of Wyoming and LIEAP (lee-ap) help programs have been exhausted, utilities can set up payment plans with those who are struggling to pay their home heating bill. Talk to your utility about creating a payment plan.

What should I do if I receive a shutoff notice from my utility?
If you receive a shutoff notice prior to submitting your application to LIEAP, submit a copy of the shutoff notice with your application and mark the appropriate box on the application. If you receive a shutoff notice after you have submitted your application LIEAP, call 800-246-4221 and report that you have received a shutoff notice. You will also need to submit a copy of the shutoff notice to the LIEAP office to receive special situation services. Requests for special situation services for energy related emergencies are expedited.

If you are experiencing utility payment emergency please contact one of the following organizations:


Administered by the Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS), the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program’s (LIEAP) purpose is to help low- and fixed-income families and individuals pay their heating bills during the winter months. The federally funded program gives priority to households that include elderly (60+), disabled and/or young children (5 and under).  Seasonal LIEAP benefits are applied to a household’s main heat source (the fuel your heat system uses to heat the home; not the power source needed to turn on the furnace). https://www.lieapwyo.org/ 

  • Applications Accepted October 1 – End of February 

How do I know if I’m qualified for LIEAP?
You can find the current income guidelines here. The income guidelines are also listed on page 9 of the paper application.  If in doubt, we encourage you to submit an application or call 800-246-4221 for help with LIEAP-related questions.

How can I apply to LIEAP to receive help with my energy bills?

If you applied last season, you will automatically receive a new LIEAP application in the mail for the upcoming season.

If you are a new applicant:

You can apply online at: https://www.lieapwyo.org/forms-and-application.html (when the new form is available).  Call 800-246-4221 to request an application or you can pick up an application at your local Department of Family Service (DFS) office or Senior Center (listed below).

Big Horn County

Department of Family Services
616 2nd Ave. N. Greybull, WY
(307) 765-9453

North Big Horn Senior Center
757 Great Western Avenue Lovell, WY 82431
Phone: (307) 548-6556

South Big Horn Senior Center
417 South 2nd Street Greybull, WY 82426
Phone: (307) 765-4488

Hot Springs County 

Hot Springs Senior Center
206 Senior Avenue Thermopolis, WY 82443
Phone: (307) 864-2151

Department of Family Services
403 Big Horn Thermopolis
(307) 864-2158

Park County

Department of Family Services
109 W 14th Powell, WY
Powell (307) 754-2245

Powell Senior Center
248 North Gilbert Street Powell, WY 82435
Phone: (307) 754-4223

Department of Family Services
1301 Ramsey Ave Cody, WY
(307) 587-6246

Cody Senior Center
613 16th StreetCody, WY 82414
Phone: (307) 587-6221

Meeteetse Senior Center
1105 Park Ave Meeteetse, WY
(307) 868-2622

Washakie County

Worland Senior Center
300 South 14th Street Worland, WY 82401
Phone: (307) 347-3208

Washakie County Ten Sleep Senior Citizens Center
204 2nd S Ten Sleep, WY 82442
Phone: (307) 366-2210

Department of Family Services
1700 Robertson Worland, WY
(307) 347-6181

Wyoming Weatherization Assistance

People who are approved for assistance through LIEAP may also be eligible for Weatherization services to make their homes more energy efficient and further lower heating costs. The Weatherization Assistance Program helps households save money on home heating costs by improving energy efficiency. Weatherizing homes often means adding more insulation, sealing leaks around doors and windows, and it always includes basic health and safety checks. An energy audit determines which weatherization measures will get the biggest bang for the weatherization dollars spent on each home. Weatherization can save 5-25 percent on home heating bills. To get specific information about your application or to ask that an application be mailed to you Call: 1-800-246-4221

Energy Share of Wyoming

A private, non-profit organization established to help people in hardship circumstances with energy-related emergencies. It assists people with energy problems when no other resources are available to them and when these problems are caused by circumstances beyond their control. Energy Share of Wyoming was established statewide in 1986. Individuals interested in applying for funds should contact their local Salvation Army.

Local Salvation Army Contacts
Basin ( 307) 568-3883
Cody (307) 587-6246
Powell (307) 899-4196
Thermopolis (307) 864-3851
Call toll-free (303) 866-9296
Energy Share Website & Application: http://www.energyshareofwyoming.org

Volunteers of America Rapid Response

Utility assistance may be provided due to a natural disaster, domestic abuse situations, facing homelessness. Applicant must include bill from utility company and must have made a payment in the last 3 months. For referral information contact: 1-866-277-9347. YCAN will provide referrals to this program for eligible CSBG clients only.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

The SSVF Program Veterans Utility Assistance
Provides eligible veteran families with outreach, case management, assistance obtaining VA benefits, other supportive services and financial assistance. Serving veterans from the entire states of Montana & Wyoming. Rent/Utility assistance, Rental/Utility deposits, Motel Bill Payment Assistance, Car repair, Bus Ticket, Household goods and food Connection to VA resources/ benefits.
Call 1-844-486-2838

Hands Across the Saddle

PO Box 129, Greybull, Wyoming 82426
Is a non-profit organization founded by Beverly and Wilford Brimley.  Their Mission is to help our friends and neighbors when they need a little “hand up”! We have assisted folks with paying rent, small medical bills, or even food for their family when life has thrown them a curve ball. https://www.facebook.com/Hands-Across-the-Saddle-155685577834001/

Modest Needs Grants

Self-Sufficiency Grants to assist individuals and families who, because they are working and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance but who, all the same, are living one or two lost paychecks away from the kind of financial catastrophe that leading to homelessness. www.modestneeds.org

Council on Community Services

One-Time Emergency Assistance for Powell Residents Only
Powell Police Department
250 N. Clark Street Powell, WY
(307) 754-2212 Powell Police Dept.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Outreach for Meeteetse Residents Only

What if I have already used all of the resources listed above?

Often times when we have provided a household utility assistance through our programs at YCAN we will receive a call a month or two or maybe six months later asking for the same utility assistance.  Our program does not subsidize utility payments, households can only apply to YCAN one time per year and no more than two times in five years. For individuals who reapply we provide these households with the resources listed on this page, rather than providing duplicate services.

If you have already utilized all of the utility resources we have provided here you may find yourself in a tough position and there are not many utility specific resources left.  LIEAP is the only program that can provide ongoing utility subsidies in Wyoming.  Local organizations have limits to the assistance they can provide you. Alternatives include calling or clicking the link for Wyoming 211 to see if any new programs exist in your area, contacting local churches, etc.

If you have exhausted all of the resources listed above it may be time to take a look at your household financial situation and start looking for longterm solutions to your problem.  Do you need employment?  Do you need help with rent every month?  Do you need financial coaching to budget and manage your money?  We have listed resources below that would not be considered utility resources, but may help your financial situation so you are able to pay your utilities regularly.

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services can help you find employment so you are able to afford your monthly utility bills. 

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Cody Workforce Center
1026 Blackburn Suite 1 Cody, Wyoming (307) 587-4241

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Powell Workforce Center
NWC Frisby Building
(307) 754-6436

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Worland Workforce Center
1200 Culbertson, Ave. #F
Worland, WY 82410
(307) 347-8173
(307) 347-3150 Fax

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services WIOA (Young Adults) Workforce Investment Act
1026 Blackburn Suite 1 Cody, Wyoming
(307) 587-4241

Section 8 Housing can help you obtain ongoing housing subsides if you cannot afford regular monthly payments. 

Cheyenne Housing Authority
Section 8 Housing
607 Avenue “E” Powell, WY
(307) 754-9280
(307) 633-8333

Financial Coaching can help you assess your financial situation and get you back on track

Financial coaching at Wyoming Housing Network could help you.   The can assess your current financial situation, and provide specific tools and guidance to get you on the right track. With a customized step-by-step plan, you’ll be on the road to achieve financial success.  Call Wyoming Housing Network at (307) 233-8513 or visit them online.  https://whninc.org/housing-counseling/financial-capabilities-program/financial-coaching/