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Our Services

2019 CSBG Programs & Services: 

YCAN is the CSBG eligible entity in Park, Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Washakie Counties, in Wyoming.  The Organization has administered the CSBG grant in Park County Wyoming since 2007. CSBG programs are focusing on providing the low-income the services they need to overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency and obtaining and achieving outcomes as a result of such services.  In October 2018,  we expanded our CSBG services to Big Horn, Washakie, and Hot Springs Counties.  Our office is now located in Greybull, Wyoming.

Big Horn, Washakie, & Hot Springs Counties CSBG Essential Services

YCAN will provide essential services in Big Horn, Washakie, & Hot Springs Counties.  This service will be for very low-income, at-risk youth, adults, seniors, families, & the disabled who experience emergency situations that threaten their self-sufficiency.

Essential services can be provided referral for Big Horn, Hot Springs & Washakie Counties in order to meet immediate short-term needs for households at or below 125% of the HHS Federal Poverty line.

Applications for Big Horn/Hot Springs/Washakie Counties are processed M-F via fax and approved application funds will be distributed on Friday’s by an outside entity. 

Allowable services include: Rent Payments; Deposit Payments; Utility Payments; Utility Deposits; Transportation Services;Vision Screening; Dental Exams; Doctor Visit Payments

Big Horn/Hot Springs/Washakie County CSBG Application, Policies & Forms 

CSBG Application Big Horn Hot Springs and Washakie Counties 2019

YCAN Rental Verification Form Rent:Deposits

CSBG Policy 1 Financial Eligibility and Documentation 2.6.182019 Income Guidelines

2019 Income Guidelines

Self-Declaration of Zero Income

Employer Statement

Park County CSBG Self-Sufficiency Program

YCAN provides assistance to clients who are enrolled in self-sufficiency and/or case management programs to evaluate and overcome their hurdles.  These clients are referred to YCAN  “community partner agencies” who have an agreement with YCAN to provide emergency financial assistance directly their case management clients.   Applicants agree to meet certain outcome measures as a result of the services provided, this is not an emergency assistance program it is open Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9am to 12pm. 2019 Income Guidelines

The agencies have been identified as those who serve the most at-risk low-income population in Park County such as; Park County Supervised Treatment Program participants; Crisis Intervention Services domestic violence clients; and clients of Heritage Health or self-sufficiency programs providing services to low-income individuals and families.

Community Partner Case Management Program

Low-income at-risk individuals/families are vulnerable to situations that threaten self-sufficiency  due to their economic status. They encounter many extenuating barriers that interfere with their attempt to survive or remain self-sufficient.   These barriers can include Transportation Services (bus tickets, taxi vouchers, gas cards/vouchers, auto purchase or repair, including emergencies), emergency clothing assistance, employment supports, education supports, income assets building supports, housing/homeless supports, and health supports. Housing services, health and social/behavioral development indicators, education and cognitive development services. They are enrolled in self-sufficiency case management programs to evaluate and overcome their hurdles,  YCAN will provide CSBG assistance to overcome the financial hurdles.

Case Management Support Services: YCAN will Provide 20 Eligibility Determinations for clients of Park County Supervised Treatment Program and Crisis Intervention Services that include;
 Transportation Services (e.g. bus passes, bus transport, support for auto purchase or repair; including emergency services); Emergency Clothing Assistance; College applications, text books, etc.; Rent Payments; Deposit Payments; Utility Payments ; Utility Deposits; Temporary Housing Placement (includes Emergency Shelters); Permanent Housing Placements; Prescription Payments; Doctor Visit Payments; Adult Dental Screening/Exams; Adult Dental Services (including Emergency Dental Procedures); Food Distribution (Food Bags/ Boxes, Food Share Program, Bags of Groceries); Emergency Hygiene Assistance Kits/boxes; and employment supplies.

YCAN will communicate directly with the case manager for these services.   Applications are only available though community partner organizations.

Independent Living Program

Low-income individuals especially the disabled and senior citizens, especially those age 55-64 (and do not qualify for other senior programs until they are 65+) and want to maintain their independence in the community and need community services in order to accomplish this they need access to supports to remain self-sufficient and programs that serve these groups often have limited funding to provide financial assistance to meet their independent living goals.

Independent Living Support Services: Provide 5 Eligibility Determinations for low-income Park County residents who are 55-64 and/or disabled.   Park County community services providers such as  (WISL & Park County Senior Centers) are unable provide these services to meet their independent living goals & refer to our program for; Independent-living Home Improvements (e.g. ramps, tub and shower grab bars, handicap accessible modifications, etc.); Healthy Homes Services(e.g. reduction or elimination of lead, radon, carbon dioxide and/or fire hazards or electrical issues, etc.); Energy Efficiency Improvements (e.g. insulation, air sealing, furnace repair, etc.);In-Home Affordable Seniors/Disabled Care Sessions (Nursing, Chores, Personal Care Services); Prepared Meals

Youth Program 

Heritage Health Center, the only FQHC healthcare center, located in Powell has children patients in need of assistance to participate in sports, after-school and summer programs to improve their health and self-confidence.

Youth Programs: Provide 5 Eligibility Determinations for low-income Park County children, referred by Heritage Health Center, who participate in sports, after-school and summer programs to improve their health and self-confidence.  Assistance can be provided for; Summer Education Programs; Summer Youth Recreational Activities; Before and After School Activities

Child Support Information & Referrals

As Community Services Block Grant recipients each agency is required to: Inform custodial parents in single-parent family that participate in our programs about the availability of child support services; and refer eligible parents to child support office of the State and local governments. 

The Child Support Program uses contract and county field offices along with state personnel to find parents, establish paternity, establish child support and medical support orders, enforce child support and medical support orders and modify existing orders. They also receive and disburse child support payments.  They serve any person who fills out an application and pays a $25 application fee, and our services are not based on income. In addition, they receive case referrals when folks apply for public assistance or parents have a child in the custody of DFS.

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Program 

Wyoming Child Support Application

Wyoming Child Support Self-Service Portal 


Community Initiatives

Clearinghouse on Available Resources & Information

Park County Low-income consumers and other individuals indicated to the Board of Directors that they lack knowledge of resources to meet their problems or lack information on services. At YCAN we strive to be a clearinghouse on available resources and information.  We will be adding information for our new CSBG counties over the coming year.  Please click here for Online Community Resources.

Barbara Correll Lending Library at YCAN

Yellowstone Country Assistance Network is also home to the Barbara Correll lending library at our Greybull, Wyoming Office.  Barbara was an instrumental Board President who oversaw the implementation and policies which established the emergency assistance programs operated by YCAN.  In 2010, at the request of Barbara the Board acquired a resource library available to our community partners, subcontractors, and especially the communities we serve. Barbara donated countless hours to poverty alleviation in Park County Wyoming.  She believed that nobody knew what the residents needed, better than the residents who lived there.  That remains true today, each year are programs and projects are evaluated and modified with the communities input so we may better serve our clients.  We will forever be grateful for her service to the YCAN board.Barbra Correll Library Inventory

Community Needs Assessments

One of the community services we provide is a community needs assessment conducted every three (3) years for the counties we serve, funding for this is provided for by CSBG grant as is a federal requirement. As part of this assessment we include low income individuals’ participation as well as customer satisfaction data to gather qualitative data. The assessment also provides quantitative data we collect on current data specific to poverty and its prevalence related to gender, age, race/ethnicity for their service area(s). The final reports are posted on our website and used by many organizations, governments and individuals seeking grant or other funding for community programs and services. The final report will show key findings on the causes and conditions of poverty and the needs of the communities assessed as well as a ranking of the community’s current poverty needs. The board utilizes these rankings in determining CSBG funding priorities each year. Link to Our Community Needs Assessments 

Community Outreach & Partnerships

The low-income population has a limited number of resources to address their basic needs (Making Better Use of Available Income) such as job skill development, finding and obtaining employment, affordable housing, accessible non-emergent healthcare, education supports, YCAN will partner with other local agencies in an effort to develop or expand upon programs which will respond to the needs of low-income population.

2019 Community Stakeholder Survey/ Coming Soon!

Training, Seminars, & Workshops

Provide workshops and training that this organization runs or co-sponsors with other organizations for organizational development, board and staff training in the understanding and development of running an organization and programs for people of low to very low-income (children, adults, seniors and physically and mentally disabled).  Please visit our events calendar or Community Services Network of Wyoming  events

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