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Please read the eligibility requirements to make sure you will be eligible before printing the application.

Eligibility Screening:

  1. Your gross household income (before deductions) must be at or below 125% of the federal poverty level.  Please check Income Eligibility Requirements, prior to applying.  All applications received over 125% of the federal poverty level are automatically denied. 
  2. Residency in Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie county is required to apply for services. (1 year or longer)
  3. All unemployed applicants must register at Wyoming Workforce Centers (one stope shops) Wyoming Workforce Services One-Stop-Shop Referral.
  4. Programs must support low-income families and individuals to become fully self-sufficient, therefore services are offered one-time per household per year, not to exceed two times in five years.
  5. Services requested must be allowable under our contact.

Check Income Eligibility Requirements Here Before You Apply!

YCAN Application 2020

Landlord Verification 2019-2020 YCAN (Must be included for Rent Assistance)

Wyoming Workforce Services One-Stop-Shop Referral

APPLICATION FAX: (307) 333-0610

 If you send in the documents electronically, please follow up to ensure that we received the documents.

Applications  may be denied for the following reasons: Funds are unavailable in the county you live in. You do not live in a county in our service area, have not lived in a county in our services area for one year or longer, or were unable to provide sufficient proof of residency. Your household monthly gross income exceeds the income limits (125%) for the available funding source. You have exceeded the allowable participation guidelines of one service per 12 months or twice in 5 years.  Failed to provide required documentation.  Refused to sign required documentation.  Application is incomplete.  Requested amount exceeds the funding limits, or the services you applied for were not allowable services. 

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