Income Guidelines

Income Guidelines

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Income Guidelines

2019 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

Effective October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020

Size of Family Unit 125% FPL Monthly Amount Weekly Amount Hourly Amount
1  $ 15,613.00  $   1,301.08  $         300.25  $            7.51
2  $ 21,138.00  $   1,761.50  $         406.50  $          10.16
3  $ 26,663.00  $   2,221.92  $         512.75  $          12.82
4  $ 32,187.50  $   2,682.33  $         619.00  $          15.48
5  $ 37,713.00  $   3,143.75  $         725.25  $          18.13
6  $ 43,238.00  $   3,603.17  $         831.50  $          20.79
7  $ 48,763.00  $   4,063.58  $         937.75  $          23.44
8  $ 54,288.00  $   4,524.00  $      1,044.00  $          26.10
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,525 at 125% FPL.

Community Services Program Policies

As a CSBG grantee, YCAN must follow state and federal policies when determining eligibility of an applicant for services.  The following policies will be followed when determining eligibility of any applicant for CBSG services at YCAN. 

Anyone receiving services supported by CSBG funds must NOT have an income that exceeds 125% of the Federal Poverty Level, and there must be documented proof of income for the past 30 days.  Proof of income documentation must be in the file of each person served through CSBG funding.  This documentation must also be uploaded into the state supported CSBG data base to allow for desk monitoring by the county grantee and the State’s Community Services Program manager.


In considering income for eligibility, gross income from wages and salary should be used.


Farm and Non-Farm Self Employment. For individuals with farm and non-farm self- employment for income, the adjusted gross income from the prior year taxes should be used.


The income for individuals on Social Security or SSDI who have Medicare deducted from their benefit check before they receive it, should have only the net amount they receive considered as income.


Clients with no income at the time of application must sign and date a self declaration of income attesting to that fact. The case worker must also sign and date that form. For ongoing CSBG clients, this form must be dated within one month from the date of application and monthly thereafter if there is no change in the client’s income.


Clients receiving ongoing CSBG funded programs/services must have their income reviewed and verified every 90 days, unless receiving only SSI benefits, SSI retirement, railroad retirement, or other continuous unearned income.


Wyoming State CSBG Policy #1 requires us to obtain proof all household income for everyone living in the household age 18 and over.  This means if you have someone living with you that is not a relative or if you are living with someone else such as a roommate.


It is our policy to verify household income for all household members 18+ with 30 days worth of allowable documentation.  

Acceptable Documentation Includes:

  • Pay stubs showing gross earnings
  • Benefit letters ( Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, etc)
  • Copy of a bank statement showing direct deposits or no income (account number blacked out)
  • Last year’s income tax return adjusted gross income
  • Self Declaration of Income Form
    • Print the Self Declaration Form
    • If you are not working you will be required to register with Wyoming at Work to support your Self Declaration of Income  you can register in person at Wyoming Workforce Services or at and submit proof of registration with your application, unless enrolled in intensive case management.