Our Tripartite Board

Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash

We must elevate our thinking from down in the tactical weeds to a higher level to gain an objective big-picture view – and counsel on how to maximize the efficiency in the communities we serve.

For our programs to succeed, the entire community must be involved and be represented on the Board of Directors. These volunteer’s represent three community sectors: (1) public elected officials because they formally represent both the public and the local government; (2) the poor because they know the problems of poverty; and (3) the balance of the community because the agency cannot succeed without support and participation of the other service agencies, private employers, churches, unions, law-enforcement, etc.

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash
Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

Board Meetings & Schedule of Meetings

There shall be at a minimum, including the annual meeting, of four (4) regular meetings each year (Bylaws). All meetings are open to the public, community partners, and especially low-income consumers who are encouraged to attend.

2nd Thursday of February at noon 

2nd Thursday of April at noon

2nd Thursday of June at noon

2nd Thursday of August noon

October Annual Meeting

2nd Thursday of December at noon

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